Walter Brombin, born in 1953, a proven competence in the Labour Economics, he started his work in the sales sector, B2B channel, later assuming different tasks of responsibility in the commercial division and increasingly orientated to the management of training processes and the coordination of personnel. An experience that has allowed him, over the years, to develop a concrete and real competence in the Human Resources sector and in the complete management of Personnel: recruitment, selection, company integration, training courses, internal and external management of resources, salaries and career plans, organisation and corporate reorganisations.

For several years he has collaborated with DSCC Group for all Recruiting and Training activities, interviews, evaluation of candidate profiles and coordination of sales force integration with particular attention to the B2B channel.

Sergio Cavasino, born in 1968, after graduating from a technical high school specializing in business, began his professional career as a salesman. He became a part of a leading digital group in Italy for online communication solutions, taking on sales management roles in different sectors and with varying levels of complexity: from Start-ups to Small & Medium Sized Businesses, Public Administration and Top Clients, in the B2B, B2C and e-commerce channels. He is familiar with creating and managing large sales networks made up of both agents and employees, for the commercialization of products and services.

 He collaborates with DSCC Group for business support activities, analysis, commercial development, reorganization, coordination and motivation of sales networks.    


Giuseppe Giacopelli, born in 1965, after studying Advertising Technology, he undertook a professional career in the marketing and communication sector, developing increasingly important skills as Social Media Manager and as a Media Advertising Specialist. As a consultant he has assisted various companies, dealing with digital and social network strategies. His experience brought him closer to the world of Direct Sales, working closely with the Heads of Commercial Divisions & Sales and with HR in order to create and manage projects and activities to support the sales network and in order to create development campaigns functional to recruitment and engagement.   

For several years he has collaborated with DSCC Group as Social Media Specialist and for web support activities. He also deals with online development campaigns and recruiting initiatives, coordinating the entire DSCC Sellers and Agents Database.

Sebastiano Reina, born in 1996, after completing a three-year degree course in Economics and Management, he undertook a master’s degree in Innovation and Technology Management. Having had a strong interest in the world of Direct Sales and MLM since his secondary studies, he graduated with a thesis focused on Network Marketing in the Tourism sector. Today his work focuses on some aspects of analysis, evaluation and economic management related to this sector and on the in-depth analysis of the various dynamics that govern the preparation of compensation plans, marketing plans, fulfilments and the documentation of those in charge of sales for Network Marketing and Direct Sales companies.

He collaborates with DSCC Group through a training course aimed at learning and applying specific models and activities related to Direct Sales and Network Marketing.

Benedetto Santangeli, born in 1954, after completing a degree in Economics and having first-hand experience as a product manager, he perfected his career path in the commercial sector as a financial promoter and, subsequently, as a management consultant and a trainer in the marketing and sales sectors. He has gained significant experience through 24 years of work in the Direct Selling sector, during which he has taken on increasingly significant and decisive positions in the training sector, in the management of commercial districts and in the start-up of special projects of companies operating in Italy and abroad.   

He collaborates with DSCC Group for commercial management activities and the development of training projects dedicated to companies and business organisation, the management of sales and consultancy and the reorganisation of sales networks and personnel.

Crippa Luca, born in 1984, has developed his career and knowledge in the business industry since the age of 21 by increasing the client portfolio and developing innovative business strategies. He started off with a small one-person business which then experienced an exponential growth and which then resulted in him managing a local SRL company (limited liability company), developing Marketing and Social Selling techniques, gaining insight into the importance of personal growth and developing his own skills. From this “diversification” he found the opportunity to change his life philosophy, moving closer towards the world of Network Marketing & Direct Selling.

 He collaborates with DSCC Group for business support activities, honing his skills in consulting and training for the growth of Network Marketing networks, by focusing on personal and family objectives and developing personalized planning with the aim of maximizing individual potential.       

Giancarlo Originale, born in 1957, after completing a degree in Psychology focused on Experimental Psychology, he specialized in Brief Analytic Psychotherapy and is licensed to practise Psychotherapy. For the last 35 years he has worked in the field of Human Resources, taking on various roles of responsibility within international organizations, mainly in the area of Direct Selling and Network Marketing (Michelin, Fabbri e Rizzoli Grandi Opere, AMC, Galbani-Danone, Amway). Throughout the years he has been the Head of Human Resources for Italy and Southern Europe, European Head of Change Management, European Head for the Training and Development of Managers and New Talents in the Europe-Russia-India-Africa area.

He collaborates with DSSC Group offering his services mainly in the field of Training Managers and Executives, Coaching and Change Management.