DSCC Group makes use of the technical support of a selected partner to propose specific software for Direct Sales and MLM that can be customized according to the need, to offer a concrete and functional solution for companies that engage agents or distributors.

The software, through the processing of data and of the established elements, is designed to manage the interaction between the subjects involved and to simplify the complex calculations of sales commissions.  In particular, it allows:

  • For the controller, it allows the ease of collecting, refining and concluding sales and orders, tracking shipments and deliveries, verifying the recognition of direct and indirect commissions, generating an invitation to invoice, managing / changing contact info for a network of agents (plans multilevel marketing).
  • For the company, it allows it to manage personal data, set codes, assign sponsors, print identification cards, set up complex marketing plans; to calculate the direct and indirect commissions and to generate, on behalf of the appointees, the correct commission invoices and to monitor the business.